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Engine tachometers・hourmeters

Engine tachometers・hourmeters

​We deal with the following digital measuring devices which are versatile and reliable despite their super micro size: engine tachometers ranging from ones specialized in measuring the rotation number of one-cylinder-two-stroke engines to multifunctional ones that can measure the rotation number of up to eight-cylinder-four-stroke engines; hour meters that measure the operation time of gasoline engines; and thermometers that measure the temperatures of cooling water/oil for engines. We develop OEM
products as well as OPPAMA brand products tailored to the needs of the customers, by applying this technology.
These products are widely used as maintenance and on-vehicle measuring devices for different types of gasoline engines, including those of motorcycles, automobiles, racing karts and motorboats.

Measures gasoline engine RPM.

3-pin spark detector for gasoline engine ignition systems. Enables easy diagnosis of ignition systems.

Logs hours of operation of gasoline engine.

Diagnostic device for gasoline engine ignition systems. Blue LED lights up when the ignition pulse is received.

Detects the engine's first firing sound, you can easily start the engine.

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