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  • 18/02/22 The engine tachometer PET-1200 will terminate sales as of the end      of May 2018.

        ※If stock runs out, it will be sold at that point.

  • 18/01/18 Started sales of First Fire PET-4200.

  • 17/01/05 The meter holder PET-6501 has been discontinued.

  • 17/01/05 We decided to participate in the 7th INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE&TOOLS EXPO TOKYO.

  • 16/10/14 We exhibited at the 6th INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE&TOOLS EXPO TOKYO.

  • 15/10/16 We exhibited at the 5th INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE&TOOLS EXPO TOKYO.

Oppama Industry is a company that develops, manufactures and sells engine ignition systems, gear heads for brush cutters, brush less motors, engine tachometers, hourmeters.

Our corporate policy is continuous challenge to new things and the repetition of tireless research and steady efforts.

The waves of our company that is engaged in the processes from development to production will go across the oceans and have impacts on countries across the world, creating new business opportunities.

※Please be careful about copy products!

Copy products of the tachometer which is our product are on sale.They are bad products, they are broken from the time of purchase or can not be measured normally.Please be careful.

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