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Engine ignition systems

Since our founding we have been developing, manufacturing and selling the most critical part of engines, which are called engine ignition devices and supply high voltage to the spark plugs of small engines.

For many years we only produced CDI systems, but in recent years we started putting effort into producing TCI systems as well, as we aim to expand our business even further.


Manufacturing items

・Small two・four-cycle engine magneto〔CDI(Digital coil・Analog coil)・ TCI(Digital coilAnalog coil)〕


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Gear heads

We primarily develop, manufacture and sell gear heads for brush cutters; gear heads transmit the power for turning the cutting blades and is one of the most important parts of a brush cutter.

We have our own production facilities for cutting gears and have earned a reputation for excellent reliability among our customers due to our very precise gear heads, which are made of high-quality gears.


Manufacturing items

・Small gear heads for bush cutter

・Gear heads for cultivator

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Engine-related systems

We leverage the technologies from our engine ignition device business to develop, manufacture and sell engine-related equipment like tachometers, which meter engine speed by detecting the ignition signal, and hour meters, which measure the hours an engine has operated.

We are active in fields such as maintenance and on-board metering equipment for various kinds of gasoline engines, such as for agricultural machinery, motorcycles, automobiles, racing carts and motor boats.


Manufacturing items

・Digital engine tachometers

・Digital engine hourmeters


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Special parts for motorcycles

We respond to a wide range of needs, such as for various parts of cars still in production, parts for repairing older cars, and specialty parts made to meet customer-required specifications.


Manufacturing items

・Battery-less kit

・Fuse-less kit

・Water temperature / oil temperature gauge

Brush less motors

We are increasing the number of units produced year after year to meet the demand resulting from the move to electric power around the world.

We are also working on developing various electric-driven equipment that utilize brushless motors.

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